14 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life! We all feel how perfect our lives are and that we all know how to perfectly deal with things and even teach others! But you all better note down everything you’re about to read as you’re going to be shocked how wrong were you till now!

Here are 14 things most of you have been doing wrong all your life


  1. Wrongly crossing out words while writing

Instead of crossing them out, it’s better if you write another word on it. This way no one can figure out what it means.

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Avoiding tangling of chords

You can avoid tangling of your, earphones, charger, USB cable, etc by making holders from old mouse pads. This way they can last longer, you can save time and finally be hassle free.

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Opening key rings

Opening a few key rings can be a difficult thing to do. You can make this job way easier by using staple remover. This way you can save time and avoid getting hurt.

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Taking out trash bags from dustbins

At times you find it hard to pull out the trash bags from the dustbin, either it gets stuck or it tears apart. Try drilling holes at the bottom and the middle of the trash can. This will avoid suction.This is one of the most common things you are doing wrong whole life

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Heating up leftovers

For effective heating up of the leftover food, try making a hole in the middle of the utensil you are placing inside the microwave, this way the heating will be done from inside out.

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Eat sticky snacks with chopsticks!

At times we are in such a hurry and we so much want to have that tasty snack but without getting our hands dirty. Yes, you can! You just have to use chopsticks!

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Eating chips or popcorn

We usually tear up the packet from the top, try tearing it up at the centre to avoiding dipping your hand for every pick.

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Enhance sound of your phone

Put your cell phone in a cup to increase its sound. It’s free and it works!


  1. Drinking a Can

Ever noticed those extra holes when you open a can? Those are actually meant for inserting straws.


  1. Easy way to separate yolk in eggs

This is my favorite life hack! Use a bottle to suck up the yolk neatly without making a mess!

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Monkey style peeling

Peel the banana from the bottom instead of the top side, that’s the monkeys do it!

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Substitute for butter

Well, this will definitely blow your mind! You can actually use avocados in case you don’t have butter in any dish! (See I told you!).

Things you’ve been doing wrong

  1. Best way of making iced coffee

Instead of putting ice in coffee and diluting it, try freezing the coffee as ice cubes which are even better!

Things you’ve been doing wrong



  1. The right way of keeping Ice cream in the fridge

You are only making the ice cream hard by keeping it exposed, try keeping it in a zip locked pack to keep it soft.

Things you’ve been doing wrong