All of Hyderabad cheered on as city boy, LV Revanth was adjudged Indian Idol on Sunday night. And what made it extra special was the fact that his “all-time hero”, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, handed him the Indian Idol trophy. “It’s a dream come true to win the title and it could not have been better than getting it from the legend himself,” said the 27-year-old, adding, “I finally got my girlfriend…” referring to an earlier interview where he told Hyderabad Times, “Abhi ke liye Indian Idol he meri girlfriend hain…”
Revanth, who rocked the finale, with his electrifying performance of Ude Dil Befikre, said he is overwhelmed by the support that poured in for him. “I thank everybody who voted for me, especially the people of Hyderabad. I can’t wait to be in Hyderabad and meet everyone,” added the singer, as he took time out from all the celebrations in Mumbai for a telecon. Excerpts.

So, has the feeling sunk in yet…?

I am already having a ‘celebrity wala’ feeling… I partied till 2 am with other participants and crew members of the show. We danced like there’s no tomorrow. But then I had to get up early in the morning as I had promotional activities and interviews lined-up. It’s all pretty crazy!

You got pretty emotional on stage when you were declared Indian Idol 2017…

Tears rolled down my mother’s eyes when I won the title; that got me emotional. When I hugged her, the first thing she told me was ‘Revanth, I know you are good, but always be humble’. Sachin sir also said the same thing and asked me to not let success get to my head. I had lost my father before I was born, so I know the importance of family. I have been brought up in a humble environment and I’ll never forget my roots.

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