You might’ve often wondered, how can you get some love making done with a spot on music. Please, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? But we just didn’t find the right one! But something tells me that now you have a list of the hottest songs you can have sex to!

Here are a few of the hottest songs you can have sex to and trust me you won’t regret one bit!

1. Get It On Tonight – Montell Jordan.

Well, this song is definitely gonna set the groove and will give a smooth access to your lady! And I think you should set it on right now.

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2. Kisses Down Low – Kelly Rowland.

Yep, you read that right. Hell, this song is really gonna make you wanna go down on her! So what are you waiting for? Put this track on right away.

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3. Adore You – Miley Cyrus.

This is probably one of the best songs by Miley Cyrus (clearly a personal note though!) and this is gonna fit best you’re in for a sweet love making to your guy!

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4. Rocket – Beyonce.

Beyonce looks too sexy to be true in that music video. But seriously if you’re feeling kinda kinky around you boy. Put this track on right away and be his piece of sunshine 😉

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5. Kiss It Better- Rihanna

One more on point song if you’re really dying to be eaten out by our man. This song is the perfect piece and all you need to get him boost his skills!

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6. Gangsta- Kehlani

If you really get kinda freak in bed, you need this sex song while making love. The chemical love wedding between Harley And Joker was kinda the epitome of sexiness because of this song. And this is something that you should really be trying!

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7. I don’t wanna live forever- Zayn, Taylor Swift.

This song is everything that is right. Oh, you’re definitely gonna “come home” with this track. And trust me you won’t be let down!

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8. Pillow Talk- Zayn.

The bed definitely is your paradise and your war zone. And you definitely wanna tune into this song like tonight. Zayn’s voice plus the electricity in the room between you and your partner will intensify!

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9. Good for you- Selena Gomez.

This is probably one of the songs, you’d really want to try on if you’re feeling really naughty around your man.

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10. Earned It- The Weeknd.

Now tell me, what could be better than having sex to a song that has written sex all over it!

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11. Touch my body- Mariah Carey.

So if you wanna make the fact that you wanna have sex like right now, this one’s for you.

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12. Love to love you baby- Donna Summer. 

The hottest songs to have sex to the list do no justice if this one’s not on your list. You’ll know why when you play this track!

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