Women are tired of hearing few things from the world that is commonly predicted about every lady with an erroneous perspective. All the lads out there need to understand that girls are sick of hearing a handful of annoying and commonly prevailing notions about a girl. Also, there are women who also need to know that the catcalling stuff must be avoided which a girl or other women is tired of hearing.

Girls are really sick of many auditory perceptions such as Why are you eating a salad? Are you on diet? or How can a beautiful girl like you not be taken? or Don’t cut your hair short, you’ll look like a boy! All this sexism may tend really frustrating to most of the girls and must be ceased. A gesture of chivalry may be appreciated by man when he says “Let me take care of that for you!” but that the way they speak sounds snobby and many women do not like that. There lies a problem only when guys assume women need help instead of asking for it. Apart from these, take a trail of many more things that women just hate hearing.

It’s significant for a guy to know things which he should avoid asking or telling to his girlfriend or wife or female bff or even to his sister.

Check out some conventional stuff which every girl is sick of hearing and Let’s put an end to gender stereotyping!

1. “You Are Crazy!”

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Never ever tell her that she is crazy. Nothing seems to be as demeaning as calling her crazy. One must hesitate to treat girls like they are lesser and stop underrating her mental illness by dismissing emotions as crazy. 

2. “You Will Turn 30 Soon – How Do You Feel?”

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What’s the matter with turning into 30? By hitting 30 she feels the same way as every other human being on earth feels when he hits the age of 30. Does this question even make sense how a woman feels on turning 30?

3. “Not All Guys Are The Same”

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Every girl is fed up with this familiar dialogue when a guy tries to convince her. These are the stereotype and repeated words spoken by every other man in order to impress a girl. Guys need not prove anything by speaking such stereotype statements instead, they must prove by their actions.

4. “I Can Hit A Girl If There Is Gender Equality, Right?”

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Guys who ask this or thinks like this seems to be vicious and frenzied. Doesn’t it sound good if nobody bangs anyone with the fact that such ruthlessness is inappropriate?

5. “You Are Not Like Other Girls”

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Normally those who tell such statements, do even know how other girls are? Or are there any pre-defined qualities that must commonly be possessed by every girl or woman? And why to even compare one personality (that girl) with other(other girls)?

6. “Why Are You So Emotional And Delicate?”

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What kind of question is it? – “Why are you so sensitive and delicate?” The answer to this question shall be “Yes I am Emotional because I am a normal Human with humanly feature called emotions.”

7.  “I Remember When I Was Your Age, I Had Two Kids”

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Single ladies, please be ready to answer this kind of a slap in the face. Such statements usually involve catcalling which contains many questions within it such as – “When are getting married? When are you going to have little ones running around? You should have a baby before 30, isn’t it? Your Biological Clock is ticking!” We totally understand that was quite an achievement for you but please spare us.

8. “Lemme Guess Your Favourite Color…Ummm Pink? Girls like Pink, Right?”

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Really?? Now colours are also being gendered? Many girls like pink colour which absolutely relates to that fairytale world but that doesn’t mean every girl likes pink colour. There are girls who prefer other colours over pink. Girls never ask a guy why don’t you like blue colour when he prefers black, red, white, purple or anything over blue.

9. “Sit Properly! Girls Should Sit With Their Legs Crossed”

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Yes, girls are really sick of lessons given upon how to sit, how to stand, how to laugh, how to eat and what not. The most frequent sitting lesson every girl had heard of in her lifetime is “Sit appropriately! Girls should not sit with their legs spread apart.”

10. “It’s Not A Girl Thing – Just Let A Guy Do It!”

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“You should really let a man do that!” But why? Because girls should hunt down for a man to help her and beg him to save herself out of the situation as girls are deemed as miserable, poor and weak? What rubbish! Anyone ever tells a man that they can’t have it all?

11. “Have You Gained Weight?”

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Those who ask this, for them just a piece of advice – “TAKE IT BACK ASAP!”

12. “Why You Girls Swear All The Time?”

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What’s the connection between a girl/woman and a swear? Not only a woman but also man play the swear game all the time. And if you gonna tell her not to swear then she will start doing it more often, hence you should leave her alone for time being instead of saying “Why you swear all the time?”

13. “You Are A Girl! You Should Not Make The First Move.”

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It’s a guy’s world where he swore to come up with all the Proposal and making the first move thingy, isn’t it? Come on, what’s the notion behind a girl can’t and should not make the first move? If ever a lady makes the first move then she will be bombarded with tons of question such as – “You are a Girl! Why you made the first move? Boys should do that! Isn’t he the one interested in you and only are interested in him? Or is there anything else?” A short answer to all these questions – Grow Up!

14. “Are You Having Chums Or Something?”

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If a lady acts like a jerk and a weirdo then it doesn’t mean she is at that time of the month instead the behaviour is because you deserve it for your stupidity. Whatever she does is because you are entitled to get that and not cause of her chums. So stop asking her – “Is that your period again? Are you passing through those days? Is that time of the month? Someone is on their period!” Just to clear that a girl is not in period 24/7.

15. “Career? Girl Don’t Have Career. They Have Kids And Family!”

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Never ever grill upon her career or do not through a light on what she should focus on apart from making a career. So why is it commonly said to girls that “Oh God, Career? Girls don’t have a career. It’s just that they must remain busy with something till they get married and have kids.” Shut the mouth of people talking such rubbish by saying – Your joke was not that good but I love when you make a joke like that!

16. “OMG! You Like Sports? Like Really?”

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Yes, she does like sports but she may not be a gamer when it comes to love life. It’s 21st century and who says women can’t play sports or they can’t attend a football or hockey games? Only a douche can think that “Girls cannot play sports or video games” or “Women can’t yell at the hockey or football matches or any other sport.”

17. “Oh, You Look Pretty Today!”

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Oh really? Thanks for informing her as if she doesn’t look good every day! What’s the thing with you look pretty TODAY? Did you mean she did not look good rest of the days? Advice – Avoid adding that Today in your praising, please (unless on occasion such as a wedding).

18. “Who Are You Looking Good For?”

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Why a girl/woman cannot look good for her own self? Does she need to get ready for any special person or occasion? If a girl put on some red lipstick or smoky eye makeup then she has to give an answer to “For whom you are looking good today?” And no other reply will best suit then – I look good for Me, Myself and I. That’s cause she deserves to spoil herself for no other but her own self.

19. “You’re a girl – why do you have so many male friends? Do you hate women?”

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Hypothetically a girl can have male friends only in two circumstances – One is When she does not have any women friends! and Second is When try to look cool and impress boys! “Girls should not hang out so much with boys. It sends the wrong message.”  Really? Is it? What are you talking about in this era?

20. “Are You Naturally Beautiful Or Make-Up Shows It’s Magic?”

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How is it possible that makeup plays a major role in enhancing glow or beauty of a woman every time? There are women out there who look naturally beautiful and carry the same amount of glow without wearing any makeup. Still, they have to hear most of the time “Is your skin tone natural? Is your lip colour natural? No that’s not possible you are secretly wearing makeup, aren’t you?”

These are the mundane articulations or catcalling which every woman or a girl is sick of hearing.

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