The job of a sex therapist isn’t easy. Honestly, the majority of people think that it is easy talking about sex and giving advice. But the reality is nowhere close to it, and let me tell you. That it is probably worse than the job of a sex education teacher!

This is what being a sex therapist really feels like, and it is worse than you can imagine!

1. Well, I really wonder where do they get such ideas?!sex therapist2. Well, what you said is really true. And I think, everybody has a sex drive and hence everyone can have sex!sex therapist3.  There’s nothing you can do about ignorant people. All you can do is tell them wat is right and what isn’ therapist

4. This is the biggest misconception people seem to have. It isn’t that easy folks!

sex therapist5. Well, there all kinds of people who are really practical and open about sex.

sex therapist

6. Oh God! this is so fucking true. Sometimes the biggest barrier in your sex life is your not being frank about it.

sex therapist7. And don’t know what is with people?

sex therapist8. Um, okay, that is complicated.

sex therapist

9. You know what they say about giving advice but failing to implement them?

sex therapist10. Whoa! That is really quite therapist

11. Whoa! I mean seriously people need to get a life!

12. You really have no idea how weird and cruel the world can be!sex therapist

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13. Hey! That is so not true, seriously guys!

sex therapist

14. oops! Looks like someone’s getting into trouble.

sex therapist

15. Yeah, tell me about it!

sex therapist

16. Because not everybody will understand your work or you for that matter.

sex therapist

17. Um, okay, sounds weird but okay.

sex therapist18. Why? Is that a bad thing?sex therapist

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19. Please, everybody needs a little me time. What is so degrading about it?

sex therapist20. Well, well, that’s might be a therapist

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21. Who doesn’t!sex therapist about their jobsource

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