Well, what if I tell you that you can turn sand into liquid soup? This may sound really absurd and impossible to you, but this NASA engineer has done it quite brilliantly!

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Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has found a way to make science really awesome. Well, this may not be your backyard science. But, trust me, this is the BEST thing you can do and definitely be awesome in no time.

NASA engineer creates liquid soup

He experimented this and documented this awesome experiment. But, most importantly, he made sure that he enjoys every bit of this.

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NASA engineer creates liquid soup

In this entertaining video, Mark explores what is known as fluidized beds, “a physical phenomenon occurring when a quantity of a solid particulate substance is placed under appropriate conditions to cause a solid/fluid mixture to behave as a fluid.”

NASA engineer creates liquid soup

But, here begins the fun part! You are probably wondering how did he manage to make the sand bubble. Well, the trick is really simple (Huh, I’m just kidding!), he used air.

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NASA engineer creates liquid soup

Basically, by blowing air into the bottom of a container of sand, he increased the space between individual sand particles, reducing internal friction and allowing the particles to move around more freely, the way they would in a liquid.

NASA engineer creates liquid soup

Mark enjoyed this really to his heart and made sure that his nephews get in on this fun too.

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NASA engineer creates liquid soup

He said, that he wanted to do this for a very long time. But, there was no information available as to how one would be able to do this.

Starting with that in mind, it still took him 25 failed versions before arriving at his first working design.

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NASA engineer creates liquid soup

He started combing through a bunch of patent drawings for massive industrial-sized fluid beds, and he noticed that instead of one big inlet, they all had a bunch of small holes to deliver air.


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