Well, selfies are the most important thing in our everyday lives. But, have you ever wondered who invented selfie. Well, of course, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears! No, I thought so too. But it looks like she is under the impression of doing so, and trust me twitter literally had a field day!

paris hilton invented selfie


No, Paris Hilton, looks like you may think that you invented selfie. But you sure as hell didn’t!

1.  Um, that still looks pretty recent. So, I don’t think you did it either.paris hilton invented selfie

2. Now, that is something! See Paris?!paris hilton invented selfie

3. Yep, this definitely makes sense.paris hilton invented selfie

4. Oh, I’m liking this one more and more!paris hilton invented selfie

5. So, this is definitely something that could be the invention!paris hilton invented selfie

6. You just can’t deny that this guy was probably the first one to invent the selfie tradition!paris hilton invented selfie

7. And then there’s this too!paris hilton invented selfie

8. So, if you’re still wondering who invented the selfie!paris hilton invented selfie

9. I wouldn’t be too shocked if this lady invented the selfie!paris hilton invented selfie

10. How can we ever forget him!paris hilton invented selfie

11. Well, well, look who is the inventor!paris hilton invented selfie

12. Look who it is, 1968 is a pretty good date!paris hilton invented selfie

13. Well, you do kind of make a valid point!

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14. So, this guy was pretty cool even back then!paris hilton invented selfie

15. Yep, he is cute. And that is so a selfie!paris hilton invented selfie

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16. So, you were saying something I suppose?paris hilton invented selfie

17. Now, that’s a groupie!paris hilton invented selfie

18. Now, this is like really really old.

paris hilton invented selfie

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19. So, you were saying something?paris hilton invented selfie

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20. So, that isn’t technically a selfie pal. paris hilton invented selfie

21. That isn’t a selfie people! Stop, mixing the two things up.paris hilton invented selfie

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22. No, he wasn’t either.paris hilton invented selfie

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23. Whoa! Whoa! Calm down, pal. -_-


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