Have you ever imagined what it would be like if our body parts say what they really feel inside? Yeah, at times I do think about it. It would have either been too awesome, or we would have been screwed up pretty bad. But whatever you may feel, it is probably wise to say that body organs have an opinion of their own. So, this is what our body parts would say if they could talk!

Here are things that our body parts say to each other when they talk! (And you probably will thank god that they don’t!)

1. So, looks like this is really what happens inside. And honestly, I couldn’t agree more with it!body parts say if they could talk

2. OH, MY GOD! So, this is what happens? Well, now I can’t blame you anymore little brother.body parts say if they could talk

3. Well, well, this is definitely what happens. Because stomach wants food, the stomach doesn’t get food. The stomach doesn’t want alcohol, you give him alcohol. Now, the stomach wants revenge!body parts say if they could talk

4. Brain, get your shit together. I mean, can you just listen to the heart for once maybe? And not embarrass me in front of everyone?!body parts say if they could talk

5. Being drunk and telling a cute guy your name can be really really difficult. Especially when the stomach decides to be an asshole!body parts say if they could talk

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6. Well, the “heart wants what it wants” and honestly you just don’t have the energy to switch it off!body parts say if they could talk

7.This is really relatable, and c’mon body parts! Why do you need to screw it up every time?body parts say if they could talk

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8. I can definitely relate to this one! I mean why do you do this nose? Please clean this up!
body parts say if they could talk

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9. Whoa whoa! Keep your shit together folks, this is just day 1.body parts say if they could talk

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10. Why the hell does everybody have a problem with drinking? No heart, not you, you are definitely my buddy!body parts say if they could talk


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