The love for puns will never fade away. But there are some absolutely genius puns on the internet, and trust me, you will definitely fall in love (or laugh) with them!

If these aren’t the most genius puns you’ve come across I don’t think you get the idea pretty well!

1. Just a mama cat being affectionate towards her babies.

most genius puns

2.  I see they seem to have a stable relationship.most genius puns

3. Looks like Clinton is hiding behind the bushes.most genius puns

4. A rather tiring lay over at the airport.most genius puns

5. Oh, No! A Black man was mercilessly beaten by an NYC policeman on the sidewalk.most genius puns read also: 10 Kinky Sex Positions For Those Who Can’t Get Enough Of Game Of Thrones!
6. Now, this is what you mean by a screenshot.most genius puns

7. Apparently, this is a pint of beer. most genius puns

8. A rather suspicious UFO caught on tape.most genius puns

9. Okay, this is definitely a great coincidence. And pun is definitely on point.

most genius puns10. I always wanted somebody to this one. Now, it makes absolute sense, a periodic table.most genius puns

11. You definitely need to do something about that mole on your hand.most genius puns

12. That is definitely Holy Shit!most genius puns

13. Hahahaha, I just can’t stop laughing at this one!most genius puns

14. That is technically not a pun but definitely a great save.most genius puns

15. It is such a nice feeling when spring is just around the corner.most genius puns

16. Nah, I’m not really a big fan.most genius puns

17. So, you wanted me to wear a plane (plain) tie?most genius puns

18. The low prices have risen now. most genius puns

19. Just a serious meeting of the AAs.
most genius puns
20. Things are definitely getting out of hand right now.most genius puns

21. I have to say, I’m really impressed with this Money Lisa.most genius puns

22. That is definitely one fine rock bottoms up.most genius puns

23. Ugh, this is definitely legit.most genius puns

24. Ice, Ice, Baby. Get it? Do you get it!!!most genius puns

25. Just two cold feet. most genius puns


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