Well, men think that they are probably the most sorted creatures on this planet. But, the women don’t think so! (of course, they don’t!). So, they have the craziest questions about male gender on their minds!

These Men have taken the liberty of answering the craziest questions women have asked about the male gender!

1. “When you take a bath does your penis float?”

More than that, our balls also float, and if the air is cool and the water is hot and the balls are caught between both, they will actually move of their own volition, expanding and contracting like they are a separate organism.


2.  “What’s going through your mind when I ask if you notice anything different about me?”

Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit…


3. “Who teaches guys urinal etiquette?”

All it takes is one time of dropping your pants and undies to the floor for you to realize that is not proper procedure to pee butt ass naked, standing uncomfortably close to another dude.


4. “What does it really feel like to be hit in the balls?”

Imagine the shock of straddling an electric fence. A sharp pain followed by radiating agony up into the stomach and chest that only the sweet release of death can remedy.


5. “How weird is it to have a dick and balls hanging between your legs getting in the way of your walking and just like … hanging off you … seems weird”

They’re not really between the legs as much as they are slightly in front of our legs.

We can touch our thighs together without smashing junk.


6. “Do you ever try to aim at anything in the urinal when you pee, or do you not think about the action of you peeing and just aim subconsciously?”

I always aim if it’s at all possible. Missing, or worse, getting hit with splashback, is terrible. Sometimes, you have to take matters on faith, when your vision is doubled or you’re still waking up. There is a sort of checklist that runs through my head before starting the stream.


7. “Of all the places to sit and be on your phone, why the toilet? You’re just hovering over your own filth for a long time and hogging the bathroom from everyone else.”

Exactly. There’s no one else in there.


8. “How do you cope with the ridiculous male body standards?”

By being single.


9. “Do men even care about lingerie? I feel like we could be wearing a diaper and they don’t notice. It seems a waste to buy pretty lingerie”

Some men care about the wrapping, some men care about the gift, a wise man appreciates both.


10. “What are the different ways you hide boners?”

tuck that shit, and hope your shirt is not too short


11. “What subtle things do you do to let a girl know you’re interested in her?”

We’ll either blurt it out immediately or be so flustered we can’t get 2 coherent words out in a row. 


12. “Do you notice perfume on a girl? can certain scents turn you on?”

craziest questions women have about the male gender

I had a girl that was just a friend in high school, She wore a scent that drove me crazy. To this day if I smell it in the air I look up hoping it’s her. So yes scents do work, so well almost 15 years later I still have a reaction to it.


Yep, so that was some of the craziest questions women have going on on their minds about the male gender!


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